The Freedom's Defense Fund is tired of candidates who pretend to be conservative when they run for office, only to sell out our values and convictions once they get to Washington. We seek and endorse conservative stalwarts who will secure our borders, protect your Second Amendment rights, end abortion on demand, cut taxes and stop Washington, DC from achieving statehood-resulting in two more liberal members in the United States Senate.

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2015/2016 Supported Candidates

Patrick Mooney For Congress (FL)
Alex Mooney for Congress (WV)
Don Bacon for Congress Contribution
(NE)Jack Bergman for Congress
Paul Chabot for Congress
Juan Hidalgo for Congress
Scott Taylor for Congress
Rod Blum for Congress
Brian Mast for Congress
Louie Gohmert for Congress
Steve King for Congress
Mia Love for Congress
Michele Fiore for Congress
Jim Banks for Congress
Steve Russell for Congress

2013/2014 Supported Candidates

Tim Scott for Senate (SC)
Kerry Bentivolio for US Congress (MI)
John Snow for Congress (FL)
Louie Gohmert for Congress Committee (TX)
Mooney for Congress (WV)
Emmer for Congress (MN)
Lonegan for Senate Inc (NJ)
Annette Bosworth Md for US Senate (SD)
Macgovern for US Senate (VT)
Zinke for Congress (MT)
Paul Broun Committee (GA)
Joe Kaufman for Congress (FL)
Friends Of Senator Bob Smith (NH)
Terri Lynn Land for Senate (MI)
Wasinger for Congress (VA)
Ben Sasse for US Senate (NE)
Committee to Elect Tom Vigneulle (AL)
Dr Charles 'Trey' Thomas Iii for Congress (LA)
Clint Didier for Congress (WA)
Marilinda Garcia for Congress (NH)
Larry Wilske for Congress (CA)
Mooney Victory Fund (MA)

2011/2012 Supported Candidates

Bernier for Congress (CT-05)
Brinkley for Congress (MD-06)
Cherilyn Eagar (UT-02)
Hoekstra for Senate (MI)
Joe Kaufman for Congress (FL-20)
Louie Gohmert for Congress (TX-01)
Martha Zoller for Congress (GA-09)
Pantano for Congress (NC-07)
Rick Santorum for President
Scott D'Amboise for Senate (ME)
Steve King for Congress (IA-05)
Trent Franks (AZ-02)
Ashlye Bell Hall - City Commissioner (GA)
E.J. Cousar for SC Republican Party 2nd Chair
Jeff Frederick for State Senate (VA)
Jordan Gehrke for DC
Lalor for Assembly (NY)
Stirrup for State Senate (VA)

2009/2010 Supported Candidates

David Evans for Congress (TN-04)
Doug Hoffman for Congress (NY-23)
Friends of Christine O'Donnell (DE-S)
Paul Broun for Congress (GA-10)
William Russell for Congress (PA-12)
Steve Lonegan (NJ Governor)
Allen West (FL- 22)
John Loughlin (RI - 71)
Peg Luksik (PA Senate)
Michael Williams (TX Senate)
Mari Garcia (NH State House)
Christina Jeffrey (SC -04)
Rob Wasinger (TX-01)
Jay Riemersma (KS -01)

2007/2008 Supported Candidates

Keith Fimian (VA–11)
Thelma Drake (VA–2)
U.S. Congressman Paul C. Broun, M.D. (GA–10)
Senator Norm Coleman (MN Senate)
U.S. Congressman Bill Sali (ID–1)
Senator John Sunnunu (NH–Senate)
Mike Sodrel (IN–9)
Chris Hackett (PA–10)
Pete Olson (TX–22)
George Phillips (NY–22)
Steve J. Hudson, M.D. (MD–8)
Tom Rooney (FL–16)
Congressman Robin Hayes (NC–08)
Congressman Geoff Davis (KY–04)
Deborah Honeycutt (GA–13)
Congressman Virgil Goode (VA–5)