Nancy Pelosi’s Breach of Contract with America

There is a clear and present danger to the House GOP majority. Across the nation democrats are winning races in districts President Trump overwhelmingly carried. In Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Florida, and Wisconsin, enthused democrat voters turned out in GOP districts to elect progressive, liberal democrats to Congress, statehouse, and state Supreme Courts.

With the gavel in Pelosi’s hands we can expect:

H.R. 1 – Articles of Impeachment of President Trump
HR. 2 – Confiscation/ban of popular firearms – Repeal of Second Amendment
H.R. 3 – Abortion on demand – Legalize late-term abortions
H.R. 4 – Socialist, single-payer healthcare system
H.R. 5 – Protect illegal aliens, open borders
H.R. 6 – Weaponize government agencies against conservatives (Lois Lerner’s IRS)
H.R. 7 – Reinstate onerous, bureaucratic red tape on small businesses
H.R. 8 – California-style emissions and energy regulations (cap-and-trade)
H.R. 9 – Reinstate Obamacare Mandate
H.R. 10 – Taxpayer supported, government subsidies for large corporations (TARP-stimulus packages)

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