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Vote NO on Heidi Heitkamp (2018)

Heidi Heitkamp is a liberal Democrat who votes with Chuck Schumer 82 percent of the time.  Her liberal values are not shared by the vast majority of North Dakota’s voters. It’s time for her Senate career to come to an end. On November 6th, we urge you to Vote Against Heidi Heitkamp in the North Dakota Senate race. 

Nancy Pelosi’s Breach of Contract with America (2018)

There is a clear and present danger to the House GOP majority. Across the nation democrats are winning races in districts President Trump overwhelmingly carried. In Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Florida, and Wisconsin, enthused democrat voters turned out in GOP districts to elect progressive, liberal democrats to Congress, statehouse, and state Supreme Courts.

With the gavel in Pelosi’s hands we can expect:

H.R. 1 – Articles of Impeachment of President Trump
HR. 2 – Confiscation/ban of popular firearms – Repeal of Second Amendment
H.R. 3 – Abortion on demand – Legalize late-term abortions
H.R. 4 – Socialist, single-payer healthcare system
H.R. 5 – Protect illegal aliens, open borders
H.R. 6 – Weaponize government agencies against conservatives (Lois Lerner’s IRS)
H.R. 7 – Reinstate onerous, bureaucratic red tape on small businesses
H.R. 8 – California-style emissions and energy regulations (cap-and-trade)
H.R. 9 – Reinstate Obamacare Mandate
H.R. 10 – Taxpayer supported, government subsidies for large corporations (TARP-stimulus packages)

Heitkamp & Kavanaugh (2018)

Judge Kavanaugh is conservative, credentialed, competent and qualified. We urge Heidi Heitkamp to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Heitkamp & Schumer (2018)

We stand with conservative, pro-freedom candidates against the radical left and their elitist allies in Congress. In 2018 we must stop Heidi Heitkamp and her leftist, anti-life cohorts, like Chuck Schumer, from regaining control of the U.S. Senate. Defeating Heitkamp and electing a true conservative is a step in the right - pun intended - direction. With your financial help, we can stop Heidi Heitkamp and keep Chuck Schumer from becoming the Senate Majority Leader.

The Lying Adventures of Phil and Billary (2016)

Is America ready for another 8 years of the Clinton’s elitist cronyism in the White House? In FDF’s new web series, The Lying Adventures of Phil and Billary, we take a look at all of the reasons the American people CANNOT trust Hillary and Bill. Each episode is inspired by true events. Where honest satire ends and painful reality begins is for you to decide. Your contribution will help keep the Clintons and their cronies out of the White House.

Recall Obama (2012)

At Freedom's Defense Fund, we have one initiative in 2012 - defeating Barack Obama and replacing him with a pro-life conservative President who shares our values. No more gun sales to mexican drug lords or cabinet posts for political cronies. Simply policies that strengthen families, promote economic freedom and respect for the rule of law. Watch the first in what will be a series of strategic ads. Your contribution will help us play lots of them in strategic battleground states.

Thank You Sarah and Tim (2009)

Following the 2008 election, many establishment Republicans were hunkering down for a long reign of Democrat control. At Freedom's Defense Fund, we began gearing up for realignment and efforts to re-energize the conservative base. We were the first on television in Iowa, Alaska and New Hampshire to thank Sarah Palin for her un-abashed defense of conservatism and generated ads thanking Governor Pawlenty for taking on the tax-and-spend interests in his home state of Minnesota. Thank you to the conservative donors at Freedom's Defense Fund who never give up on American exceptionalism.

Friends (2008)

It all started with a simple warning and Freedom's Defense Fund's willingness to say what the political establishment would not. "You should know who Barack Obama's Friends Are." This series of ads ran thousands of times in Macomb County, the swing county filled with Reagan democrats in what could have been a battleground state. When John McCain pulled out of Michigan, we stayed in Macomb County. The result - above the fold coverage in the New York Times, national media attention for our organization and Barack Obama performing 3.1 percent better in Republican Oakland County than he did in Democrat controlled Macomb County. Thanks for getting it started.